Contact Information

Address :
Institut Teknologi dan Kesehatan Jakarta, Jl. Raya Jatiwaringin No.278, RT.002/RW.004, Jatiwaringin, Kec. Pondokgede, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17411 

Phone Number :
(021) 8461155

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday :
Open: 08.00 AM
Break: 12.00 - 13.00 PM
Close : 20.00 PM

Saturday :
Open: 08.00 AM
Break: 12.00 - 13.00 PM
Close : 17.00 PM


We have many types of collections in our library, range from Fictions to Sciences Material, from printed material to digital collections such as CD-ROM, CD, VCD, and DVD. We also collect daily serials publications such as newspapers and also monthly serials such as magazines. The detail for the collection is below (Data Per August 2019)

No Majors The Number of Book Titles Total Book
1 Teknik Elektro 321 760
2 Teknik Informatika 415 528
3 Teknik Sipil 470 746
4 Teknik Mesin 242 565
5 Teknik Industri 202 202
6 Sistem Informasi 270 338
7 Farmasi 205 337
8 Magister Teknik Elektro 209 209
9 Manajemen 206 206
10 Akuntansi 220 220
11 Manajemen Pemasaran 205 205
12 Total 2965 4316


Library Membership

To be able to loan our library collections, you must first become a library member. There are terms and conditions that you must obey. If you want to become a library member please contact the librarian.

Membership Requirements

  • Library members are all ITKJ academicians.
  • Students show Student Cards that are still active, lecturers show employee cards or library cards.
  • The membership period is valid while active as an ITKJ student.
  • Visitors from outside the ITKJ campus can use the library services provided that: show a valid identity card and a fee of Rp. 10,000, - / visit.

Library General Rules

  • Library users must show prominently library member card when entering the Library. library member card are non-transferable.
  • Smoking, consumption of food and drinks, are not permitted in the Library.
  • No bags, umbrellas, parcels, etc except files and books may be brought into the Library. Adequate storage facilities have been provided at the Library entrance. The Library bears no responsibility for any loss or misplacement of personal belongings on its premises.
  • SILENT must be observed strictly in the Library.
  • Mobile phones are restricted in silent mode only.
  • Users must be decently dressed and conduct themselves properly in the Library.
  • Users should maintain the library’s cleanliness.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Library.
  • Reservation of seats is not permitted. The Library staff reserves the right to take items left on the table in the specified time period.
  • Users are not allowed to remove library furniture and equipment from their original place.
  • The Library staff has the right to request a user to leave the library if he/she is found to be violating any of the Library rules.
  • Library staffs on duty have the right to checkbooks, files and other materials that are taken out of the library.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against library users who are found with material from the library collection, without the proper authorization.
  • The Chief Librarian is empowered to withhold Library facilities for any infringement of these rules.
  • The Chief Librarian may amend the Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.
  • All members of the library must abide by the rules and regulations.

Library Locker

  • Locker is open to all users of the Institut Teknologi dan Kesehatan Jakarta Library.
  • The usage maximum is from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. If such a user over that period, the library is permitted to open and take out the item.
  • Any posting of posters or others in the locker is not allowed.
  • The locker must be vacated in a clean condition.
  • The library is not responsible for the loss or damage of materials stored in a locker.
  • For any further information relating to the locker shall be submitted to the officer at the library counter.

Collection lending

  • Students show active student cards or temporary student cards, while lecturers show employee cards or library cards to loan officers.
  • Student cards are not valid / may not be loaned to others.
  • Students who have obtained a Library Free Certificate (SKBP), cannot borrow books out of the library including for photocopies.
  • Reference books (Book Books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Magazines, Journals, Final Projects, Thesis) can only be read on the spot.

Loan Allocation

1. ITKJ Undergraduate Students

  • Maximum loan: 4 different titles.
  • Maximum loan period: 1 week (no extension).

2. ITKJ Masters Program Students

  • Maximum loan: 5 different titles.
  • Maximum loan period: 2 Weeks (no renewal).

3. Lecturers and Educational Personnel

  • Maximum loan: 6 different titles.
  • Maximum loan period: 3 months (no extension).

4. Alumni and Non-ITKJ: Only borrow at the library

  • Limited and favorite collections: 1 week loan period.
  • Book CD collection: Loan period of 2 days.

Sanctions - Sanctions

  • Late returns are subject to a fine of Rp. 3000, -/day.
  • Eliminating/destroying books must replace with the same book, if the same book is not available, the borrower replaces the book with a relatively same good price and contents determined by the Head of Library Services.
  • Locker key returns during service opening hours, after the service hours, are subject to a fine of Rp. 5,000 /day.
  • Removing the locker key is fined Rp. 25,000.
  • Library visitors/users who do not comply with the provisions can be given academic sanctions and membership revoked.


Additional Rules

  • Library visitors/users should actively participate in complying with the rules that have been set and maintain order, cleanliness/tidiness of the environment.
  • Books that have been read leave it on the desk or in a place that has been provided.
  • Visitors must leave the library, including the public reading room, after closing library services.
  • Students who need a Library-Free Certificate (SKBP) can contact the general circulation department, on the condition that they no longer have a book loan, a locker in the library.
  • Students who have been declared graduated must submit the Final Assignment in the form of:.
     Thesis Report (3 pieces)
     Softcopy of thesis report (on CD as much as 1 piece)
     Job Training Report (3 pieces)
     DLL (Tools, A3 Poster, etc.)
  • Matters not yet included in this regulation will be determined later.




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